AppCoins: The Protocol for the App Economy

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Project Protocol ETH ERC20
Maximum Hard Cap $15.3M USD
Appcoin Price 1APPC=0.10 USD
Token Distribution
Artboard Created with Sketch. PRE-SALE SALE 90M Tokens 90M Tokens 45M Tokens 67,5M Tokens ICO ADVISORS / TEAM Team funds locked for 12 months December Nov 6-20 Funds locked for 12 months while the foundation is being created Viral initiatives with 4% a year during 5 years, locked during the first 6 months Released 5% a year during 3 years, locked during the first 6 months FOUNDATION 67,5M tokens + Operations 90M Tokens + Bootstrap APTOIDE Android community contributions: 3,074.41 Ether (1,102,482.54 USD) | 783 investors Strategical investors: Not opened yet. Artboard Created with Sketch. PRE-SALE SALE ICO ADVISORS / TEAM APTOIDE FOUNDATION 90M Tokens 90M Tokens 45M Tokens 67,5M Tokens +OPERATIONS : 67,5M Tokens +BOOTSTRAP : 90M Tokens Nov 6-20 December Team funds locked for 12 months Released 5% a year during 3 years, locked during the first 6 months Viral initiatives with 4% a year during 5 years, locked during the first 6 months Funds locked for 12 months while the foundation is being created Strategical investors: Not opened yet. Android community: 3,074.41 Ether (1,102,482.54 USD) 783 investors
AppCoins is an open and distributed protocol for App Stores. It will drastically improve and speed up advertising, in-app billing and app approvals, using blockchain and smart contracts technology.

A standard for developers to advertise their app or game in the app store, paying AppCoins to the user for 2 minutes of attention. Blockchain provides proof-of-attention and guarantees against repudiation, double attribution, and fake identity.

In-app Purchases

A solution for purchase and billing digital items using AppCoins inside games and apps. The developer integrates it once and it works across all app stores. Users have an easy way to pay for items with AppCoins bought with fiat currency or previously earned through advertising.

App Approval

A new trust model where developers are ranked as “Trusted”, “Unknown” or “Critical” according to their track record of transactions in the blockchain.

Supported by Aptoide App Store
200M Active users
4Bn Apps Downloads
#692 World Top Site (SimilarWeb Sep’17)
App Stores Protocol A diagram explaining the AppCoins protocol

The protocol re-designs the financial transactions (such as advertising and in-app billing inside the store) creating efficiencies by disintermediation and routing back the value to the economy in a virtuous loop.


Being an open protocol implemented as open source software, it gives the trust back to the industry and provides guarantees of data transparency to users.


As it is adopted by different app stores, the development effort of the protocol is shared and the app developers are only required to perform an API integration once.

2017 Q3
Aptoide developers discussing AppCoins Aptoide supports AppCoins

With 200 million users, 800,000 unique apps, 12,000 publishers, 70 different manufacturers and partners, Aptoide launches AppCoins protocol to unify the core financial and trust flows inside app stores.

2017 Nov 6
Presale information Pre-Sale starts

The tokens will be distributed among pre-registered users and institutional investors.

2017 Q4
Someone browsing the AppCoins website Aptoide ICO

AppCoins ICO is launched. First version of the protocol is defined in “AppCoins White Paper”. APPC (AppCoins) listed in selected exchanges.

2018 Q2
Showing a laptop displaying open source reference implementation Open Source reference implementation

First version of the open source reference implementation of the protocol. Release of the first beta version of Aptoide with AppCoins support.

2018 Q3
The AppCoins Logo App Store Foundation

21-Mar 2018 (“Neumann release”) - Reference tools of the protocol implementation

2-May 2018 (“Gosling release”) - “Dev” version of the AppCoins integration in Aptoide (on-chain)

15-Jun 2018 (“Knuth release”) - “Dev” version of Aptoide with side-chain / payments channels

2-Sep-2018 (“Ritchie release”) – Production roll-out to all Aptoide clients (and other participant app stores)

2018 Q4
A collection of smartphones Pre-load Tier 1 OEMs

Production-ready rollout of AppCoins on Aptoide App Store, as well as on other app stores that joined. Pre-load with Tier-1 OEMs.

Strategic Investors
Chris Miess

Chris was the CFO of TenX at the time of their successful ICO and was previously with Goldman Sachs in London.

Past / current projects:
Jonathan Becker

Jonathan is an investor at In 2016 Forbes Magazine listed Jonathan on the 30 under 30 list awarding the top young leaders, creative investors and entrepreneurs.

Past / current projects:
Ryan Terribilini

Ryan has extensive experience in the payments industry, as Head of Platform Partnerships and Developer Relations in Ripple, and in the App Store ecosystem, as Google Play Operations Senior Strategist.

Past / current projects:
Adam Stradling

Adam is a financial technology entrepreneur who pioneered the development of Bitcoin and related blockchain technologies. Co-founder of in 2011-12.

Past / current projects:
Andras Kristof

Andras has collaborated in projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple on the blockchain implementation, and co-authored David Lee Kuo Chuen in writing the Handbook of Digital Currency.

Past / current projects:
Gaurang Torvekar

Gaurang is the Co-Founder and CTO of Indorse, a decentralised professional network and Attores, a smart contracts solutions company. Co-organizer of Ethereum Singapore Meetups, he has advanced expertise in smart contracts and Solidity.

Past / current projects:
Lee Tsun Ngai

Lee TN is Head Of Business Development at Kyber Networks. KyberNetwork propose the next generation of on-chain Exchange and Payment Service and raised around $50 million, in an ICO in September 2017.

Past / current projects:
AppCoins supported by Aptoide Team

Paulo Trezentos

CEO / Founder

Paulo took his MsC in Factorisation of Numbers using NFS and Elliptic Curves and a PhD in solving dependencies in software components installation.

A member of the open source community for a longtime. He was founder and maintainer of LinuxCM, a Linux distribution with more than 700.000 users between 2007 and 2011.

Alvaro Pinto

COO / Founder

Álvaro is a serial entrepreneur who loves technology, innovative ideas and projects.

As a former ESOP President, the Portuguese Association of Open Source Software Companies, he has been advocating, for more than 15 years, the adoption of open technologies and open standards in private companies and in the public sector. Álvaro has a degree in law.

Tiago C. Alves

VP Asia Pacific

Tiago has over 12 years experience in technology related roles. He is a Software Engineering graduate from the University of Macao, with a Master Degree in Mandarin and an MBA in Tech Management from the University of San Francisco.

Ren Tang 唐人

VP Product

Before joining Aptoide to build the new internet of apps, Ren spent over 8 years in the US and in Germany incubating mobile games and apps at top tech companies such as Goodgames, EA, and Disney.

Carolina Marçalo

Head of Partnerships

Luso-American with more than 10 years experience in business corporate strategy, leading Partnerships at Aptoide for the last 4 years. VP of OLD Association and member of SOCIUS Research center. Carolina holds a MA Degree in International Economics, and a BA in Economics from UMass Dartmouth.

João Casal

Head of R&D

João has 12+ years of experience in IT, being the last 5 in Research and applied R&D Management in multinational contexts. Participated and led several R&D projects in mobile computing areas, including mobile payments and mobile advertising. Holds an MSc in Systems Engineering and a professional certification in Scrum.

Luís Pinto

Marketing Technologist

Luís is a Marketing Technologist, working on projects at the intersection of Marketing, Technology and Analytics. He has experience in social network analysis, deep learning and natural language processing technology to solve marketing problems.

Diogo Pires

Backend Developer

Diogo has a background in Robotics and experience deploying scalable solutions in large-scale backend systems with new technologies.

Martin Užák

Backend Developer

Martin led most of his career as a software developer in Vienna, Austria. He has been developing in Python since 2002.

João Castro

Head of System Administration

João is a former IBMer who built his career as an IT Consultant in the Czech Republic before moving to Lisbon. He takes particular interest in site reliability engineering and everything blockchain.

Luís Guilherme

UI Lead

Luís has been responsible for the visual identity of Aptoide during the past 4 years. He has a degree in Communication Design.

Felix Lange

UX Lead

Felix leads the UX team at Aptoide. He was also a co-founder of two entrepreneurial ventures in Sweden and in the US, in the areas of Product Design and Media Content.

Marta Keller

Head of Developers Relations

Marta has over 7 years experience in top tech companies, from Vodafone to Google in areas such as Product Management, Business Development and Online Advertising. She is an experienced polyglot who has worked in the UK, Germany, Spain and Ireland.

Cláudia Fernandes

Head of Community

Cláudia has 8 years experience in marketing and communication, having lead projects for brands such as Disney, local FMCG companies and startups. She has worked in the Berlin startup scene for over 4 years.

Daniel Kisluk

Head of Marketing

With nearly 12 years experience working with publishers, advertising agencies, and various brands in Israel and Portugal, today Daniel is leading the Marketing Team at Aptoide, being accountable for the strategy & execution of all digital campaigns & brand awareness activities. Daniel is also a jury member for VCs.

Frederico Santinho

Android Developer

Frederico is a Software Engineer dedicated to mobile software development. He is focused primarily in the underlying technologies that support blockchain solutions. Being a High Concurrency and Distributed solutions enthusiast, Distributed Ledger was a natural path.

Marcelo Benites

Android Developer

A Software Engineer who led his career in Brazil and Portugal, Marcelo specializes in Android architecture and SDK development at Aptoide.

Pedro Almeida

Investor Relations

Pedro has been working at Aptoide for the last 2 years on strategic and fundraising topics. He has over 6 year experience in strategic consulting and holds a MBA from INSEAD.

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Terms & Conditions

I confirm that I have read and understand the Crowdsale document and White Paper (“Pre-sale Documents”) published by Aptoide Pte Ltd (UEN 201530350D), a Singapore-incorporated company with its registered address at 30 Cecil St, #19-08, Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712, and that I expressly accept all terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations and warranties described in these documents as well as in the following disclaimers.

The Appcoins are not securities or units in a collective investment scheme or business trust, each as defined under Singapore’s Securities and Futures Act (Cap. 289) (“SFA”). Accordingly, the SFA does not apply to the offer and sale of the Appcoins. For the avoidance of doubt, this initial offering of Appcoins need not be accompanied by any prospectus or profile statement and no prospectus or profile statement needs to be lodged with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”).

This Pre-sale does not constitute an offer of, or an invitation to purchase, the Appcoins in any jurisdiction in which such offer or sale would be unlawful. No regulatory authority in Singapore, including the MAS, has reviewed or approved or disapproved of the Appcoins or Pre-sale Documents. The Pre-sale Documents and any part thereof may not be distributed or otherwise disseminated in any jurisdiction where offering tokens in the manner as under this Pre-sale is regulated or prohibited.

The information in these Pre-sale Documents is current only as of the date of this Pre-sale. For any time after this date, the information, including information concerning Aptoide’s business operations and financial condition, may have changed. Neither this Pre-sale nor any Pre-sale Documents, under any circumstances, constitute a representation that no such changes have occurred. Aptoide does not make or purport to make, and hereby disclaims, any representation, warranty, undertaking, or other assurance in any form whatsoever to any person, including any representations, warranties, undertakings, or other assurances in relation to the truth, accuracy, or completeness of any part of the information forming part of this Pre-sale or Pre-sale Documents.

Appcoins are intended for use within applications available on the Aptoide App Store for purposes including purchasing in-application items and serving as a medium of in-application advertising revenue, and Aptoide warrants that the Appcoins are fit for these purposes. However, Aptoide is not responsible for compelling any person to accept Appcoins and disclaims, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all liability for any adverse consequences arising out of or in relation to such rejections of Appcoins.

Upon purchasing any Appcoins, you will be deemed to have reviewed the Pre-sale Documents (and any additional information you request and obtain from Aptoide in relation to the Appcoins or Pre-sale) in full and to have agreed to the terms of this Pre-sale, including to the fact that this Pre-sale does not fall within the scope of any securities laws in Singapore and is not regulated by the MAS. You further acknowledge and agree that the Appcoins are not securities and are not meant to generate any form of investment return.

The Appcoins and related services provided by Aptoide (if any) are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Aptoide does not grant any warranties or make any representation, express or implied or otherwise, as to the accessibility, quality, suitability, accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of the Appcoins or any related services provided by Aptoide, and expressly disclaims any liability for errors, delays, or omissions in, or for any action taken in reliance on, the Appcoins and related services provided by Aptoide. No warranty, including the warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, title, merchantability, satisfactory quality, or fitness for a particular purpose, is given in conjunction with the Appcoins and any related services provided by Aptoide.

Regulatory risks

The regulation of tokens such as the Appcoins is still in a very nascent stage of development in Singapore. A high degree of uncertainty as to how tokens and token-related activities are to be treated exists. The applicable legal and regulatory framework may change subsequent to the date of the Pre-Sale. Such change may be very rapid and it is not possible to anticipate with any degree of certainty the nature of such regulatory evolution. Aptoide does not in any way represent that theregulatory status of the Appcoins will remain unaffected by any regulatory changes that arise at any point in time before, during, and after this Pre-sale.

No regulatory supervision

None of Aptoide or its affiliates is currently regulated or subject to the supervision of any regulatory body in Singapore. In particular, Aptoide and its affiliates are not registered with MAS in Singapore as any type of regulated financial institution or financial advisor and are not subject to the standards imposed upon such persons under the Securities and Futures Act, Financial Advisors Act, and other related regulatory instruments. Such persons are required to comply with a variety of requirements and standards concerning disclosures, reporting, compliance, and conduct of their operations for purposes or maximising investor protections. Since Aptoide is not subject to such requirements or standards, it will make decisions on those issues at its own discretion. While Aptoide will have regard to best practices on these issues, holders of Appcoins may not necessarily enjoy the same extent and degree of investor protections as would be the case should they invest with regulated entities instead.

No fiduciary duties owed

As Aptoide is not a regulated financial institution, it does not owe investors in Appcoins any fiduciary duties. This means that Aptoide has no legal obligation to always act in good faith in the best interests of holders of Appcoins. While Aptoide will have regard to the interests of holders of Appcoins, it is also permitted to consider the interests of other key stakeholders and to prefer these interests over the interests of Appcoins holders. This may mean that Aptoide is permitted to make decisions that conflict with the interests of Appcoins holders. Not owing any fiduciary duties to holders of Appcoins also means that holders of Appcoins may have limited rights of recourse against Aptoide and its affiliates in the event of disputes.

Tax risks

The tax characterization of Appcoins is unclear. Accordingly, the tax treatment to which they will be subject is uncertain. All persons who wish to purchase Appcoins should seek independent tax advice prior to deciding whether to purchase any Appcoins. Aptoide does not make any representation as to whether any tax consequences may arise from purchasing or holding Appcoins.

Risks from third parties

The tokenised nature of Appcoins means that they are a blockchain-based asset. The security, transferability, storage, and accessibility of blockchain assets depends on factors outside of Aptoide’s control, such as the security, stability, and suitability of the underlying blockchain (in this case, the Ethereum blockchain), mining attacks, and who has access to the private key of a wallet where Appcoins are stored. Aptoide is unable to assure that it can prevent such external factors from having any direct or indirect adverse impact on any of the Appcoins. Persons intending to purchase Appcoins should note that adverse events caused by such external factors may results in the loss of some or all Appcoins purchased. Such loss may be irreversible. Aptoide is not responsible for taking steps to retrieve Appcoins lost in this manner.

Risks in purchasing Appcoins

Aptoide cannot and does not guarantee or otherwise assure that there are no risks in relation to your purchase of Appcoins. The purchase of Appcoins may, depending on the manner in which the relevant purchase is effected, involve third parties or external platforms (e.g., wallets). The involvement of such parties or platforms may introduce risks that would not otherwise be present, such as misconduct or fraud by the third party, or your failure to receive Appcoins upon duly making payment because of a third-party wallet’s incompatibility with Appcoins. Aptoide is not responsible for any risks arising due to the involvement of third parties, including the risk of not receiving (or subsequently losing) any or all Appcoins you attempt to (or successfully) purchase.